Conisch is an outstanding composer and pianist active in a wide breadth of genres including producing, conducting and literary works. His composition range from music for media, exhibitions, shows and concert music. His expressive, lyrical but aggressive yet catchy melodies driven by the unique sense and outstanding techniques are attracting both professional audience and the public at large.

Conisch wrote the main theme music for a well-known Japanese TV programme "HIRUOBI" in 2008. Eversince the tune is loved by the viewers and considered as a hidden masterpiece. 

He is also active in animation including music writings for "Pocket Monsters -Twilight Wings-", " Hisuian Snow", "YU-GI-OH! , " HETALIA" and “Hipira: The Little Vampire". 
"Reverend" an english-lyric song released in 2022 received good reviews. In addition, in his album "ONKAN" Conisch collaborated with eminent artists such as Junkyu Muto (Sculptor) and Tadashi Harada(Hair and make-up artist from SHISEIDO).

His other recent activities include producing works for the "ART AQUARIUM MUSEUM GINZA", composing for SHISEIDO's hair show,  The University of Tokyo(Institute of Industrial Science) and wind orchestra at Osaka Kyoiku University. 

Conisch is also active in childhood music education through his original " Soranone method" exploring new horizons in music.
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